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Computer Bank

ComputerBank refurbishes donated computer and IT equipment, making such equipment available to community organisations or deserving people through the auspices of the Community Helping Hand Association Inc., a Registered Business Charity.

Donated equipment which is of no use is disposed of in a responsible way.

ComputerBank does not supply computer equipment commercially and is not able to recycle unwanted computer equipment.

ComputerBank will supply refurbished computers to community organisations and deserving people at nominal cost or free at the discretion of Community Helping Hand Assn. Inc.

The Community Helping Hand Assn Inc. is a registered charity and any proceeds from the operations of ComputerBank goes to the charity to achieve their charitable purposes.

All refurbished computers conform to a minimum specification and where possible, include a valid, licensed operating system.

We fully test computers and software before making them available.

The computers are supplied essentially for business, school-work or training purposes. They are not suitable for the latest games or  applications which require large resources and the newest technology.

It must be remembered that we are refurbishing computers which have outlived their usefulness to commercial organisations or have been replaced by updated machines.

It is often the case that receiving organisations make a donation as an expression of their gratitude to ComputerBank and we are very grateful to receive their generous assistance