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Users want an interface that looks good, is easy to use and runs intuitively. Technology must improve a users experience not detract from it. The interface is the key to how a user values any device. A clumsy interface means the user will feel frustrated and an interface designed without intuitive applications will not evolve to the needs of its user. Tech companies know the best interface design means it acts almost as an invisible partner, working hard in the background.

The goal is to make everything easier to operate and adapt to different needs. And a good interface works for both the digital literate and digital avoiders. This is especially important in the business world. An interface designed for easy use amongst people of all digital capabilities means a smoother and more effective day to day operation.

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Adaptable Interface

Technology makers think about their products day to day use and how users are going to interact with the existing tech. The design process takes a long time to perfect the final product. For example a VoIP provider will discuss your cloud based phone system. The system will come with instructions and user manuals. They setup the telecom system to your brief,and business connectivity needs. Yet once you begin to use the system daily, and discover how it adapts to the daily needs, small changes by the users will be made to the interface. The interface will lend itself to intuitively adapt to the businesses exacting needs. Even for the least tech savvy people, tinkering with a VoIP interface to make it work at its peak efficiency is easy. And tinkering cannot happen unless the interface is user friendly.

Intuitive Design

An interface needs to be easy to use and navigate. Consistency is king. Setting up a consistent interface so that users can become quickly familiar with the system. Setting up the most used systems prominently in the interface and not deviating wildly from the last interface design will make new upgrades more seamless. Businesses are wary of switching to less familiar systems, especially when interfaces are drastically different. A good interface understands its system and purpose. Meaning it is an easy portal for users to work the system.


Operating systems and computer processors are programmed to automatically respond to commands and inputs. Advancement in processors means they can predict or intuitively respond to what the user may next action or command. These predictive algorithms are advanced and designed to crunch many possibilities and outcomes.This makes it easy for a user to work with the interface. Behind the scenes the processor is summarizing data and predicting next steps, whilst the interface is presenting options to the user to enhance the experience.

Touch Manageable Features

Avaya phone systems have touch managed displays. Kepads are becoming a past feature, and people are more used to actions like swiping and flicking than clicking keyboards or moving the mouse. Touch mangeable displays are extremely user friendly and for inexperienced users much less intimidating. This is because the options are visual and touch managed. And users are conditioned already by mobile phones to touch manage interfaces.

Minimalist Visuals

Apps on interfaces have emerged as the preferred minimalist design. Encasing the programme neaty inside a small visual package, that will not distract the user, is the best design visually. Minimalist interface design goes hand in hand with usability. If an interface is visually crowded, it can look hard to use and be confusing. Often it will immediately intimidate users. A great app will also set up and begin in a minimalist fashion on the interface. Opening a programme needs to be a step by step visual process. This will make those tech challenged people more open and quicker to learning the system.


A system needs to be updated or have changes integrated without affecting the interface design or infrastructure. Additional software should not place heavy interface distraction. Compromising the visual or ease of use means the additional updates will detract and not enhance the interface. check out Avaya software downloads here